General Features:

An indigenous value to Turkey, Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs are breeded as livestock guardian dogs. They have remained hidden on the highlands of Blacksea Region. They are prefered as livestock guardian canines by the livestock breeders on the region because of their determined battle against predators including bearr and wolves. Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs are great adaptation of the region’s harsh climate conditions. Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs are perfect working dogs suitable for being used especially in high altitude places with intense rain. They are known for their power, speed and loyal characteristics to the herd among heavyweight category of livestock guardian dogs. Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs are found in low numbers in far outplaces of Blacksea highlands.

Physical Characteristics:

Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs have apparent stop on their face and the top of their head is oval. The posture of their neck and skyline intersects with 45 to 60 degree angle. They have slanted eyes with dark color. Their face gets thinner from the eye sockets to the tip of nose. The upper lip is formed to cover the lower lip. The lower lip, the discharge lip, does not dangle down. The color of the nose tip is black. Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs are easily differentiated from other canines with their long and thick hair structure that protects them from rainy climate conditions. Their hair color could be gray grizzled, brown grizzled or brindle and their coat is attached to body tightly. Also, their tail has spiral shaped.


Shoulder length for adult males are between 70-85 cm and weight are 55-70 kg. Shoulder length of 87 cm and weight of 75 kg are also seen. As for adult females, the shoulder length are between 65-75 cm and weight are 50-60 kg. The shoulder length of 80 cm and weight of 65 kg are also seen for females.