General Features:

Boz is not only one of the oldest livestock guardian dogs in Turkey, but also cattle dogs. It is also known as Guregh and Yörük dog. Bozs are breeded in Toros Mountains and its surroundings in Southern Anatolia. Their main duty is to protect and secure the livestock at their barns as well as grazing on the land. In Turkey, Bozs are breeded and utilized for both livestock guardian and field security dogs. They have been performing duties all over the world as livestock guardian since the beginning of 21st Century. Bozs are one of the most successful livestock guardian canines in heavyweight category around the world. They are very intelligent and they are very tolerant and kind towards children. Likewise, Bozs are deeply adhered to the herd and very patient and highly tolarent to them.

Physical Characteristics:

Boz is a bulky, high-speed and thick-boned athletic canine. Its body structure looks like a square close to a rectangle. A Boz’s face lengthens from the eye sockets to the tip of nose with same thickness and the tip of its nose is flat, which looks like the shape of a cleaver when given look in profile view. Their skull structure differentiates a Boz from other shepherd canines. Its stop is slightly apparent. The coat is attached to body firmly and has bilayer structure. The hair length changes depending the seasons. Bozs curles up their tails towards back once or like a crescent. The posture of neck and skyline intersects with 45 to 60 degree angle. The eye color ranges from light hazel to black. The upper lip could dangle down below to the lower lip and the lower lip, discharge lip, could dangle down too.


Shoulder length for adult males are between 75-85 cm and weight are 60-80 kg. Shoulder length of 90 cm and weight of 100 kg are also seen. As for adult females, the shoulder length are between 70-80 cm and weight are 50-65 kg. The shoulder length of 85 cm and weight of 70 kg are also seen for females.